Recommendation for cheap HD camera?

I’m getting a bit fed up with the poor quality analog video recorded using my box goggles, with interference, low resolution, etc.

I’ve looked at naked go-pros and I’d consider that if it wasn’t for the initial outlay and the scariness of taking such an expensive item and immediately mangling it. I also looked as Insta 360 Go 2, but that’s very expensive really and I heard bad comments on battery life, etc.

And anyway we still crash our drones a fair amount so I don’t want to stick an expensive action camera on them only to have it smashed to bits.

I’ve considered one of the Runcam split cameras, but then I have to worry about where to put the recorder board and I don’t want to really replace my actual FPV camera. I’m quite happy with the Runcam Phoenix 2 nano I have on there now. I even bought a spare.

What about putting a cheap action camera on an FPV drone? Has anyone had success with that? I can 3D print my own mounts or case, etc…

I use the Runcam5 Orange:

Not as good as a GoPRO but gets the job done :+1:t2:

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Thanks, that is interesting…

At 56g it’s quite heavy for my little sub 250g 3" though?

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Yeah would be to heavy. IFlight do a pre stripped naked GoPRO I think. Haven’t looked into it personally but could be an option. Think it was Called the GOcam

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A little bit lighter 37g/52g without/with battery.
But also I’m trying to do this on the cheap… lol… £169 on banggood for that one.

Still, it’s another option to consider… That is one of the problems, there are just too many options and none of them really “fit”…

I have one of these and now I’ve managed to print mounts that fit all of my drones I’m having fun using it.

Battery life is pretty good and it comes in a case that also charges it.

Whatever you do don’t buy a caddx orca - they’re terrible


So I’ve also spotted:


These are more in the sort of price range I was looking for. I’m not after super-high quality recording, just better than what I have now!

I used to have a mobius a few years back. It was ok but had to be returned after mine became faulty.

I then switched up to a runcam 2 - Runcam 2 runcam2 hd 1080p 120 degree wide angle wifi fpv camera for rc drone Sale -

which was much better but is still a few years old now.

Hmmm… 35g without battery…

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Im really happy with my Runcam 2 4k

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which is a few £’s more but definitely the one to buy if you are going for this type of camera - Runcam 2 4k edition hd recording 155 degree wide angle wifi fpv camera 49g with replaceable battery for rc drone airplane Sale -

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yep purely for the frame rates

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This worked well :+1:

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What is it?

It’s f***ing gorgeous that’s what it is :wink:

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Foxeer Legend One

Manual_LEGEND_1_FOXEER.pdf (1.5 MB)

Modern day equivalent would be RUNCAM 2-4K

A little out of my price range… £382!

That Runcam2 4K again… hmmm…

49g though. :frowning: what about without battery, running off the quad’s 3S lipo?

=Runcam 2 has its own internal battery

So no way to reduce the weight a bit more.

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