Recommendations for Cheddar, Somerset

Evening all,

Me and the wife and some friends are off on our annual Hot Tub weekend. NOT a keys in the bowl scenario just a nice time relaxing, drinking and eating copious amounts of naughty food. I shall be taking the drone for the first time so looking to find some places nearby.

We’re near Cheddar so the gorge will be one. Any other hidden gems around I should know about that you guys know of? Off the beaten path kinda vibes please.

Thanks in advance.


" NOT a keys in the bowl scenario"
Hehehe, aye right. The very fact that you had to explain suggests otherwise :rofl:
In seriousness I don’t know the area so shouldn’t really comment, but I hope the weather stays good for you.

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I felt it had to explaain as I’m getting to know the groups sense on humour on here! :wink:

I’ve only been here for 3 weeks and it’s rubbed off on me already!

Me less than that!

Check out our main HT thread ;o)


Drone Scene is your starter for finding sites to fly

There are quite a few members in that area - check out the members map

And @McSteamy2010 is both relatively local to Cheddar and a newish hot-tub devotee. Not sure whether he keeps his keys in a bowl or not …

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Thanks. Drone scene is my first port of call. I wondered there was any secret gems about too!

Brean Down is NT, the beach not.
Wells Cathedral is busy
Glastonbury tor is NT, see @McSteamy2010 post
Severn Bridges x2
Clifton Suspension Bridge

All great places but depends on what you’re flying and looking for I guess

Depends who’s asking and how much money is involved :joy:


DJI Air 2S. Forgive me but what does NT mean? I’ve learnt so many acronyms lately but not familiar with that one!

I have some keys and a bowl. :crazy_face:

National Trust.

Guess Wells is out with air2s

Thanks. Now I feel dumb!

No reason to feel bad. Only stoopid answers not questions!


Glastonbury tor

So. I’ve decided we will do Glastonbury Tor on the way so will tick that one off!

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NT = National Trust.

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Near Cheddar that I’ve flown and would recommend…


Ashton Windmill


Mendips (Crooks Peak)


All a stones throw from where you are.