Recommendations for new drone

It has arrived!! Hurrah!!

Im sat wondering where everything goes now!! Just trying to change the rc cable to a usb c. The lightning bolt slider doesnt want to come out!!

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Congrats Franco, bet you can’t wait to get out with it

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I cant wait to get out. Though i am a tad nervous. £1000 nervous! I have flown cheaper drones before. I had the first Parrot AR drone around 7 yr ago & have been mucking about with the micro drone 2 & the more recent 3.

£1000 nervous :sweat_smile:

Did you buy Care Refresh?

Not yet. Do you recommend it? What’s the deal? Anyone had any experience if it?

I think it’s a good thing.

Costs £99 for the year.

Gives you peace of mind that if you total your mavic it’s only going to cost you a £59 excess.

You may go the 12 months without incident but if the worst does happen you have nothing to worry about.

I’ve not had to claim on it but a lot of others have. Shipping is covered both ways and you generally will have a new aircraft in a couple of weeks.

You do need to recover the crashed mavic to be covered though.

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Also worth noting that you have 48hrs from when it’s registered to take out the cover.


@Ktm250 has had first hand experience after his Mavic Pro went for a swim :blush:

Full story of his Refresh process in action: My crashed Mavic and Care refresh

I’ve got Care Refresh on my Mavic too :+1: