Recommendations on PfCO courses near London

Hi All

I’m looking to get my PfCO. There’s such a wealth of places offering courses, some with what appear to be great credentials, but I’d really like to get recommendations on good centres to do the course at.

I’m based in Hertfordshire, but willing to drive a little way from there.

Appreciate any suggestions.


there are some around Cambridge, do a search on Google.

Couple of threads on PfCO in the #members-only section too @tals, including some discount offers too :+1:t2:

Thanks Chris, was looking for personal recommendations really. Maybe I’m being over cautious and should just choose one based on the info out there, just seems to be a lot of options and want to get as much out of the course as possible.

Thanks will check it out.

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I used Phantom Flight school which are all over the UK. My venue was Kent based but I know they use other sites all over. Thoroughly recommend - good teachers, good kit and good materials.

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Great, thank you will check them out.

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Just done my PfCO with UAV8 Ipswich. It is run be Army Air Corps. Apachy Flying instructors. Nuff said


It’s all ‘down south’ to me, but Heliguy do a course in Farnborough?

They did my PfCO and I cannot recommend them highly enough.