Recommended guides for using Adobe Premier Pro?

Hi there, Just getting back into Video editing after a number of years out of it…I used to use Final Cut Pro…but am now looking at using Adobe premier pro. does anyone have any suggestions for books, or videos or anything like that for trying to improve my skills…`Thanks in advance.

YouTube is king. Just search what it is you want to do and someone will have done a video on how to do it.


Any reason for the swap ?

Have you considered using DaVinci Resolve?


As others have said You Tube is now the best source of tutorial material. You just have to dig to find the subject you need with a presenter that doesn’t annoy you :wink:
Now PP is subscription and updated/changed so often, it’s difficult for books to stay up to date.
It will be worth while downloading the manual/help file from Adobe for reference (assuming they still offer this).

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