Recreational flying in Europe - Advice Needed

Hi Everyone,

I reside in Australia and am about to fly over for an extended (6 month) holiday in UK, Southern Ireland and Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czechia and Austria). I’m a newbie wrt drones and have a DJI Mini 3 Pro. I also have my Australian accreditation, my UK Operator ID and Flyer ID as well as my EU Flyer ID from France. I have also downloaded and am familiar with the Drone Assist app and Dronescene website.

I’m looking for advice for any tips, hints or ‘beware of’ situations wrt flying in any of these countries. The UK is fine as I have the Grey Arrows site and Drone Scene and the input you have all entered. I have naturally done a fair amount of internet research, they all say you can but it’s a big topic and I’m sure I’ve missed many “gotcha’s” and have no wish to pay a fine or worse!

An example of this is flying in Normandy. I have read earlier posts here indicating flying in France is impossible however from what I can see (drone assist), there are no restrictions to flying near some of the D-Day beaches. I find this surprising as I would have thought it would be a ‘no go’ area.

Appreciate any help offered.



Hi Ian
I flew in the Normandy area 3 weeks ago. My interest was not the beaches however I did not see restrictions flying over them apart from in June due to the anniversary of the D Day landings.
There is a French site showing restricted areas:

You will find it a mass of red no fly zones. Basically no flying over populated areas. However if you zoom into the map you will find suitable TOAL locations and if you’re prepared to fly 500m distant you will be ok. The beaches are vast!
When filming churches and castles in villages, I carefully chose a reasonable time of day to avoid people.Those that saw me never questioned me.
Hope this helps a little. Hope your trip goes well.

Thanks Chris, this sounds both logical and sensible. Unfortunately the link didn’t work for me but I have found this drone safety map pretty useful - Drone Safety Map | Altitude Angel


Ian! works.

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