Red Street Monument Drone Flight


Given the crappy drone flying weather we are having just recently I retired to me man cave and following a look back thru the archive produced a short video of a local landmark in the Stoke on Trent area I took the summer footage with my mavic Air and the later shots with mavic 2 zoom a few weeks ago - spot the dolly zoom


What a superb example of dolly-zoom! :+1:

Also, Monument Master badge awarded. :wink:


Thank you very much, the truth is it’s a feature I seldom think to use and I guess over use will make it old very quickly - but even thou I know how the process works it still makes my jaw drop every time I see it in action


very cool music to go with great video - -do u know what the music is?


It’s given at the very end.


stupid me - indeed - i was looking for it in the text below - great music and video - should have watched to the end !! my bad


Guilty as charged! :rofl:


Talk about a trip down memory lane…
I lived on the Crackley estate as a kid and played by the monument all the time. (that was when it was at full height)


It was you that destroyed it? :rofl:


How it use to look