Removing built in apps from the DJI CrystalSky

I have my crystalsky- very pleased with the build quality and screen.
is there anyway i can remove some of the built in apps on it?
maybe through supersu @PingSpike? - sorry for the dumb question.
i am wanting to remove all surplus built in apps like the browser app.
also is there a way to load photoshop app onto it?
ideally i would have it down to just running dji go4 /dji pilot /gallery/explorer and Photoshop.

I’ve never tried deleting the browser app… It doesn’t run in the background so it’ll have no effect on performance.

The CS is a capable device @bob - you don’t need to clean it up as such.

What might affect performance is installing apps that run permanently in the background (eg. ES File Explorer, Amazon App Store, Google Play Services, etc) or installing bloatware foreground apps like Photoshop :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply.
i take it you cannot delete built in apps then? is there no way around this?

so there is a way to load photoshop?
also regarding your supersu post - what does this do?
thanks again for your help!

you can force stop running in cs? or doesn’t this work?

I’ve never tried :man_shrugging:

There will be - I’m just not seeing the ROI for the time / effort which may be involved though? :thinking:

Which methods have you tried so far @bob ?

If you need to ask, it’s probably not a mod you need to do :blush:

But as the title says: How to root your DJI CrystalSky / Phantom GL300E monitor and gain SuperUser / SU access with some easy hacks - it roots your CS, as you would with a locked Android or Apple iOS device?

You can indeed, but you wouldn’t want to have to do that every time the CS boots up - that novelty would soon wear off :slight_smile: