Repairs Peterborough

Morning, any recommendations for drone repairs in the Cambridgeshire area, just had our first crash with the mini pro 3 and the gimbal isn’t right. Won’t move up or down fully or correctly.



Good drone repairs drone doctor Brighton , I know that’s not in your area but not a million miles away but there turn around is usually quick there really good , I’ve always used them ( when unfortunate enough to have too ) there spot on I think you also get a small discount for being a GADC member :+1:t2:

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Another vote for Drone Doctor:

You’re not eligible for any GADC discounts yet @Weston - but it won’t be long before you are.

You report that the altitude was playing up, how old is the drone as it’s probably still under warranty

Can you share the Airdata

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I think the altitude issue was resolved by an IMU calibration.

I wish crashing into a wall (which, btw, jumped out of nowhere) was covered under warranty.

So annoyed, but I’ve now popped my crash cherry!

Was the obstacle avoidance on the blink? :thinking:

Or were you giving it some in sports mode? :smiley:

Care refresh ?

Has anybody used Droneworx?