Replace my Mavic 2 Pro with Air 3?

ON the fence… quite like the look of the DJI air 3 , the longer flight times and better signal,but not so sure about the smaller sensor…hmm ,thinking of replacing my mavic 2 pro with smart controller for this,
good or bad idea ? any help to make up my mind would be greatly appreciated. thanks !

Why replace, just add to the fleet


Thanks Chris , sound advice I nearly forgot the golden rule, you can NEVER HAVE TOO MANY DRONES !!! :+1: :+1: :rofl:

I replaced my M2P with the Air 3, and must admit i have used the Air more than the other, which i sold :smile:

How do you find the camera with the smaller sensor ? has technology improved , getting better images from the camera? very close now to pulling the trigger on air 3 but will be keeping my mp2 !

TBH Tony @FIREFOX , i think technology has come a long long way.
The below images were taken with the drone hovering in the same spot.

zoomed in on the second,

Still no coastel badge mind :rofl:


Thank you Mick , that’s it , TRIGGER has just been pulled on air 3 and and rc 2 flymore :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

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I honestly think Tony, you will not regret it, and welcome to the club :+1:

I feel spethal :crazy_face:now with another new badge, thanks whoever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I totally agree it is a fantastic drone and well done on your badge too Mick :joy: but what are those green things on the beach? They look like green Opel fruits or Starburst whatever they are called these days out of my mind lol

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Thanks mick , can’t wait for it to arrive, pictures WILL follow! also just ordered a hardcase for the kit as well. AS a certain person, persons on here have said… you cannot have too many drones :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

Forgotten where to find the badges and change them, can you point me in the right direction please, still have my previous Mavic 3 on mine, cheers

There wave breakers i think they call them Nicola, but from this day on they are now called Opelburts :rofl: them things :point_down:

Click on your profile, then right at bottom, click little man and then goto prefernces :+1:

Haha :joy: opelbursts

I have the air 3 and a mini 3 pro, the only benefit i get is the air 3 has a longer flight time, more resilience to the wind and the fantastic 9x telephoto lense for parallax shots. But the mini 3 pro is still the go too drone due to its weight for flying close, even though i have a GVC i still use the mini in lots of work. I have a DJI RC for sale if your interested as i have just got the Pro?

Hi Russ ,thanks for the offer,wish i had known earlier :man_facepalming: Have the air 3 on the way with the rc 2 remote…once again thanks for the kind offer , would have taken you up on it , for sure. :+1: :+1:

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You will love the air 3, great performance and battery life. I still have my air 2 s as a back up

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