Replacement Gimbal lock for Mavic Pro

Any of you guys got a spare Mavic pro Gimbal lock .
Lost mine on a day out .

Somewhere …. goodness knows where …. I think I have one of these substitutes …

Thanks .
If you find it i will buy it ,

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Still in box, never used … never even been taken out of box. LOL


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That was probably my most used accessory I bought for the MP.


I still use the DJI lock/cover.


I’d be dispondend if I lost mine .

This is what i am looking for .

The one I have replaces that and the cover.

Ok .
What’s the price ?



3dips :metal:

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Can say the same for some of my accessories lol


When I first had the MP, I used to find getting the gimbal lock back on a bit of a fiddle … so thought I’d try that other one.
Then I found a way that makes getting it on really easy - so that other one never got used.