Restriced area RT999 A R T999 A

Hi all,

I’d like to pick your knowledge and brains on something please.

I’ve got a flight to do tomorrow for a commercial job. Looking at doing all my due diligence and paperwork correctly and I’ve just seen it falls within a restricted area named RT999 A R T999 A. Note the levels stated as you can see on the attachment are upper 195 and lower 95 which to my knowledge means 19,500ft and 9500ft respectively. Obviously I’m not going that high! So my flight is allowed as far as I understand.

I was looking to find more information about the restricted area but fell on a big blank via google.

I called Cambridge ATC to see what they knew about it and they knew nothing of it. Drone saftey map doesn’t show it, neither does drone scene and DJI Flysafe.

So, does anyone know or can anyone find out what this restricted zone is and should I contact anyone before flying? What are your views on flying in this area?

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Can you post a Drone Scene link to the location with the related layer?

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I forgot to post the Scaleflyt map so added that in. Scaleyflyt is the software I use for my flight planning.

Here is the dronescene link with all layers turned on.



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This is a list of restricted and danger areas:

A Ctrl-F search shows no RT999 area.

I wonder whether RT999 A R T999A, which seems a suspiciously symmetrical identifier, is in fact a placeholder for something, I also searched for Oakington as the former RAF Oakington is shown by Drone Scene as a military facility although Wikpedia suggests it is about to become a housing estate.

As you say, you probably won’t exceed 400 feet so there is sufficient separation between you and the start of restricted airspace :slight_smile:

For those looking at this topic and wanting more information about UK airspace restrictions the CAA offer a brief explanation and links to more specific details.

It also mentions GADC’s very own Drone Scene in a favourable light:

Drone Scene

Drone Scene– provides drone operators across the UK with an easy to use map in order to find and share great places to fly. The map is overlaid with multiple layers of data which allow you to choose both the ground hazards and the air space restrictions for any given area.

The airspace data layers are updated in real time which ensures you have up-to-the-minute information about the safety and legality of any given area, including the latest NOTAMs.

Drone operators can also use Drone Scene to submit planned flight reports to NATS for both recreational and hobbyist flights.

Regulations are constantly changing. It remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying the same location. Drone Scene makes this easy

@macspite thanks for these. It’s interesting isn’t it.

The Cambridge Operations guy I spoke to on the phone wondered whether it may be a hangover from when Oakington was in operation, but said it ceased in the 1950’s. He also said there was an immigration centre near there once upon a time so it may be linked to that.

Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it.

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You’ll be fine. Upper and lower vertical limits are nowhere near where you’ll be with a drone.

I fly mainly under(!) restricted airspace all the time in my plane. As long as you maintain adequate vertical separation, the CAA and relevant ATC are happy. It’s those that infringe or are right on the limits of infringing they’re concerned about.

Cheers - Rob.

Thanks Rob,

I just don’t like it when things like this pop up! Like you say I’m well under it, if i sly to the max 400ft limit, buy about 9,100ft so that should be plenty of vertical separation! :+1:t2:

I’m unlikely to even go that high though as it’s some aerial photography for some architectural visualisation I’m doing.