Restrictions at Doncaster Racecourse 14th - 17th Sept

Why would you need restrictions at a Racecourse for Drones? Is there a history of people doing it and whilst I write this 2 racecourse “where to fly your drone” have come up! (and one of them is Doncaster…)

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Hi Iain,

The search function is very useful, and you can find information that might have already been discussed

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it didnt bring anything up?

Did for me

this is the 3rd time in a day this has happened, so is it that if it has been discussed 2 years ago then new discussion is over?

No but adding to an existing thread bumps it and gives background to new readers and old

That’s how forums work, it also gets you more views and better discussion


I got the notam alert for this today too.

Not one that they have done before that I’ve seen, although I’ve never thought it would be a good time to fly anyhow :man_shrugging:.

Same reason the do it for footy, crowds and betting.

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And much like those other venues, simply don’t fly there on the rare occasion when there’s an event on at the course / track / stadium / etc @DroneLeics :smiley:


There is also an Interesting flight report this weekend for security drones in operation ?

This weekend its the St Ledger race festival, so you will have large crowds not just in the stands, but around the ground and if its returned since the pandemic inside the track there used to be a large fun fair.

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Think that’s a mixture of stoping illegal drone flying but there’s also rumours of king Charlie attending as he’s got a horse or two running this year.

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Ahh you mean the horses Charlie inherited from his mother ?

Semantics, they’re now his. Just like any possessions one would inherit

Twas indeed the King and his burd.

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