This retirement malarkie is ok. Now that restrictions eased, just waiting for the weather to calm down. Till then, these are going to have to do


Retired 3 years ago at the sprightly old age of 57 … After 30 years of devotio0n to a large Multinational firm running about the world it was the best thing I ever did … wonder how I ever got time to work …

Only problem with you picture is it got Gin confused with Whisky :stuck_out_tongue:


I retired six years ago, at age 49, due to health problems. So far six years is pretty good going as life expectancy after retirement, in the career I was in, was an average of four years. Now that the retirement age has been raised to 70 means that many of my colleagues may never see retirement.


Snap! I’m the same, retired 3 years ago at 57, finding it hard to find time for all the stuff I want to do, and prefer whiskey to gin. As a well-known burger chain would put it, ‘I’m lovin’ it’. :grinning:


I retired in 1986… early…at 53 :rofl: believe me…time gallops along…


@AIRAC Well done Ross, I thought I was the oldest but you beat me by a mile (or 13 years) !!!

I think you should be honoured with the “Grandfather of Quads” badge.

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With all my hobbies and being 66yo I am hoping to keep my brain active and then my body. Never been one to sit around so at the moment all new to me. The honeymoon period, I say to my better half when it’s ‘can you do…’ .


Being a young whipper snapper, and the way they keep changing the retirement age of late, I’m gonna be in my 70’s by the time I call it a day :grimacing:

But fair play to everyone who has retired.

Much like, I dare say most of you here, my dad brought me up with the right mentality and I’ve been working ever since the day I left school at 16, never been out of work (no matter how shit the temporary / infill jobs I’ve been forced to take have been!) - so I’m quite looking forward to the time I can hang my boots up and call it a day.

Cheers to all of you, and congrats to @Skyrunner1 :beers:


It’s a well known scientifically proven fact that once you retire, time speeds up. Something to do with the space/time continuum. There are never enough hours in the day!


I retired 3 years ago at 57, seems a bit of a theme here.

When working, I often came into contact with retired customers and if I’d had a pound for every time I heard the phrase “don’t know how I had the time to work” I could have retired even earlier!

I prefer to think of it differently.

Now I have the time to do all those things that work got in the way of, from the mundane like always being around for Amazon to deliver my latest “gas” purchase to the downright pleasurable like jumping in the car (lockdown permitting of course) and heading off to spend a day wandering with my camera.

I now get to do the latter when I want instead of hoping that the weekend weather would be favourable.

Not once have I woken up and missed work but I guess we’re all different.


Not once have I woken up and missed work

I’ll drink to that! :rofl:


Yeah its sad really that like you say some wont ever be able to retire. I’ll be working forever cant see any great funds been enough.
Sorry to here you had to retire due to health.


I retired at age 55 now on my way to 80 and life cannot get any better unless a Mavic3 Pro comes out soon. Have not got enough time in the day to do all I want, looking forward to the next 20 years or so , wonder what DJI will have brought out then, cheers Len


It will be drone that goes to the shops for you and picks up your shopping.
I would think at that time, there will be as many drones in the air as there are cars on the road. So probably “sky” traffic lights… :roll_eyes:


Is that not called “Amazon” and it’s already there?


Yeah…I can just imagine the UAV delivery system…
Two laybouts in suburbia…“Look man…whats it carrying?” Bang!..“bugger…just a couple of books - have to wait for the next one”…
:rofl: :rofl:


Or a free and endless supply of motors, ESC’s, props, and other assorted drone bits. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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I retired at 55. Went back to work at 57. Now 62. Best thing for me. I was drinking too much, getting up late, going to bed late. Holidays became mundane, something you look forward to when working. All my old War wounds started to bug me. Going back to work I have to shove them to one side and get on with it. Looking forward to retiring in 3 years and 8 months, again.

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I went back for 6 months (about a year after I retired)…the firm I worked for needed someone with the knowledge and experience to sort out complicated outstanding account debts so they called me to see if I’d go back for a while. It was great seeing all my old friends and colleagues again, and enjoying the camaraderie of the workplace, but once what I earned reached a certain point the taxman started claiming his whack. It just wasn’t worth my while so I left again, this time for good. I’ve plenty to keep me occupied so there’s no way I’ll go back again. :slightly_smiling_face: