Return of my lost Mavic Air!

Some of you may recall last year my “mate” lost my beloved Mavic Air in a remote Scottish forest!

I never thought I’d see her again, but today the gamekeeper found it in the woods, nowhere near its last gps coordinates!

After a night on top of the aga, we put a fresh battery in, not hoping for much, but to our surprise it powered up, checked the prop motors (which all move) and … well that’s it… no DJI beep and no link with controller! Think it’s brain dead!

Anybody got any advice? I’d love to see her fly again and I don’t think it’s going to take much, it looks ok, just control board swap maybe???

Pressing the light/button on rear does nothing, no beeps etc no light. It has spent an entire Scottish winter, snow and all, up a mountain in a pine forest!


Was it recording video at the time of its demise? Is that card readable? :stuck_out_tongue:

Incredible that it was found! No idea where you start working through the cause of it not flying.

Is it still covered by DJI Refresh, by any chance? :rofl:

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But, hey …. look on the bright side! You now have the Drone Rescue Badge!

That’s a rare badge, too! :wink:

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Thanks had no idea we had a badge for this! Love it!

Sadly I didn’t take out refresh but I’m going to send to DJI for repair.



That’s probably just the battery powering up. If there is any moisture in the body you run the risk of shorting out the circuit boards.

I’d leave battery out and consider popping the covers to see what it’s like inside.


That length of prolonged exposure to moisture can’t have done the motors, or any other parts for that matter, much good :cry:

Strip it for parts and flog on eBay?

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