Ribblehead Viaduct & Malhm Cove

Hi Everyone,

First time flying in a few months, was good to get out again and was lucky with the weather. Struggled with the white-balancing in the edit…hope you enjoy, feedback appreciated.

Thank you


Nice vid. @Drones-CL. Love your opening shot through one of the arches on the Viaduct.

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Great video :+1:

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Thanks both of you :+1:t3:

Went up to ribblehead today, there is scaffolding up in both sides which spoils the image, so didn’t bother.:angry::angry:

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Love it. Really really nice lighting, editing and music.

Just wish our local viaduct was as easy to access. No drone/UAV signs all around it.

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Stunning. :heart_eyes:

Just really getting into this game atm… hope I can get some shots like these. :ok_hand:

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Would let that stop you, which viaduct is it you speak of ?

Ouse Valley. When I went last weekend it was crawling with police handing out tickets too so I didn’t want to push it.

Maybe I’ll go again when it’s not silly season.

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You should, looks very picturesque

Clicky linky type thingy

I had to drag myself away.

The sunset was clear, deep Orange and with the mist it was sending shafts of orange light through the arches.

A parallel track would have been stunning!!

The holidays and weekends are always the worst, try a midweek early doors ;o)

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