Rights to Privacy in 360 photos?

Reminds of a dilemma a Birmingham street photographer came across a few years back.

There was an article on TV this week where someone was complaining about Video Door Bells. They said it was an intrusion of privacy :man_facepalming:

Also, as for buildings in pictures, if it’s legally possible to complain about that, Google Maps can get ready with their street view. :thinking:

I personally can’t get my head round anyone complaining about privacy issues when being caught on CCTV of any sort. It seems to me, it’s only people who are doing something they shouldn’t that have any cause for concern.
If there was a CCTV camera at the end of every street in the country, crime rates would plummet, I’d be quite happy about that & wouldn’t give a monkeys at being caught on camera everywhere I went.

Imagine the scene (and it’s a true story)

Five oh bang in an FOI following a couple of nasty incidents.

CCTV is provided, a guy (just walking as it turns out with a young lady, presumably wife or partner (you see where this is going) is identified as a possible witness.

His photo with the lady, holding hands is put out on police social media, cost the guy his job and his marriage.

You might say he was doing wrong, but a reasonable amount of privacy needs to be respected.

600 HD cameras recording 24/7 captures a lot of stuff

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I think that was were cameras were spying on the neighbours

I do get that. I can see where there could be the occasional situation where it would be preferable to not be filmed.
I do however think that the benefit outways the negatives for having cctv, dashcams, video doorbells etc etc.

Several years ago, we had an incident up our street. This was before I had CCTV. I had a £2.50 dummy camera outside the front door pointing at the cars on the drive.
I had CID round asking if they could see footage from the previous night in case I had caught anything. I was a little shocked that the plod couldn’t tell the difference between a lump of plastic and an actual camera.

On another occasion, there was a burglary opposite my late brothers house. I had installed a CCTV system for him after a theft from his car in his drive. We contacted the police to tell them we had the villains on camera going both to and from the house opposite. They took a copy & they apprehended all 4.

Everyone seems happy to have CCTV footage when it benefits them, but too many want to wave the privacy flag, often, it appears, simply to be seen complaining about “big brother”.

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In general, one cannot have a reasonable expectation of privacy for things put into a public space . There are no privacy rights in garbage left for collection in a public place. … While a person may have a subjective expectation of privacy in his/her car, it is not always an objective one, unlike a person’s home.

This is, in itself, subjective. Unless you have anything concrete to back it up?

There are two types of expectations of [privacy]:

  • Subjective expectation of privacy: a certain individual’s opinion that a certain location or situation is [private] varies greatly from person to person
  • Objective, legitimate, reasonable expectation of privacy: an expectation of privacy generally recognized by society and perhaps protected by law.

Places where individuals expect privacy include residences, hotel rooms,or [public places)/Public_space) that have been provided by businesses or the public sector to ensure privacy, including [public toilets


However, a garden is considered as a private space. Viewable via a 360 pano.

‘The taking of photographs of an individual without their consent is a civil matter. Taking a photo of a person where they can expect privacy (inside their home or garden)’

If you are using CCTV then you must post signage to that fact so people know that CCTV is in operation. You must also have a valid reason for using CCTV and a valid reason for capturing any one outside your property.

Is this a good enough reason:



Can never understand why cctv pictures always seem to be blurry pixelated and generally crap? :man_shrugging: Are these the same people who take all the “UFO” pictures? :rofl: :rofl:


That one is blurry because its 1am in the morning and its zoomed in and screen shot from a video lol

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Looks like Jason

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LOL , Just in time for Halloween… :joy: :rofl:

No one comes round my house. Not worth robbing

Sorry @DeanoG60 not ment to trash your cctv , witch i’m sure is very good . Just made me think of rags like the the daily fail who always publish crap photos of suspects ,then pixelate the bloody faces out ! :rofl: :rofl:

The other thing with CCTV unless you get a good full face at half resolution the CPS won’t even consider it

So the hammer dude above, any first year law student would get that POS off


It looks like he is being deleted from history. Or being teleported to some spaceship like the liberator. His legs are fading.


There was in the last couple of days a court case involving the Ring Door Bell, The judge ruled in favour of the the complaint. as the Cameras ad sound from the system was able to overlook and record audio and video. This was brought under the current GDPR regulations as to the breech of privacy. Before you ask what has that got to do with drones I suspect that the law will soon be extended to any recording device and that includes a drone. Just be very aware. If you want to know more see link below. Make of it what you will…