Risk Assessment

I am applying to get permission to fly in the Southend FRZ. They emailed me the form to fill in but it states
" 1. Risk Assessment – as a minimum ATC would expect an assessment with relation to mitigating risks to other airspace users."
I have tried the search on this site, and an internet search but the results were not very helpful to me.
As I have never done a risk assessment in my life, HELP! Please.

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You have done thousands of risk assessments, we all do them every day. Everytime you cross the road you do a risk assessment otherwise how do you know when to cross?

Take a look at https://clubsupport.bmfa.uk/risk from the BMFA/British Drone Flyers which should help.

I understand that, I should have put “formal” risk assessment, the examples I have seen all appear to be on spreadsheets ( many with little coloured boxes and numbers ). Is there a set / standard format? Or can I make my own layout?

The industry standard is now girds and matrix based

If you are a member of FPVUK, they have an example risk assessment on their site.
I have used it successfully to fly in my local FRZ


And if not why not, its a great idea, gives with OA16 flying, as well as public liability insurance for £20 a year

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I did look at their example but it wouldn’t display properly on my computer, but I got the idea.
Looked at the one on the BMFA site too.
I have now designed my own spreadsheet layout and used that. I’ll just have to wait now and see if Southend ATC accept it.

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Yep I’ll second that , I’ve the article 16 too , I have a folder in my rucksack with the sheets printed out & a pen , just do your assessment jot it down , I keep it all in a folder with the whole article printed out in binders , neat tidy & easy .

I’ve just developed one to fly my drone on a site at work, so under my own insurance. Wrote my own Risk Assessment and Methodology and ur H&S manager reviewed it for me. More than happy to share it with you if you like. New to here so dont know if you can direct message me or send an email address…

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