River Camel, Cornwall featuring Padstow and Rock

A flight around the River Camel featuring the harbour town of Padstow and across the water the fishing village of Rock

The River Camel is a river in Cornwall, England. It rises on the edge of Bodmin Moor and with its tributaries its catchment area covers much of North Cornwall.

Padstow is a town and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall. The town is situated on the west bank of the River Camel estuary approximately 5 miles northwest of Wadebridge, 10 miles northwest of Bodmin and 10 miles northeast of Newquay

Rock is a coastal fishing village. It is opposite Padstow on the north-east bank of the River Camel estuary. The village is about 4 miles north-west of Wadebridge.


If ever there was a place for a stray 2000lb bomb to fall on, although Bude and St Ives come in very close in the rankings too. :wink:

Enjoyable video if a tad over long for me. If you’re there on holiday - I envy you!

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I cropped it to suit the music track :laughing::laughing:

Loved it, Steve, :clap: :clap:

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hi steve we have been there many times ferry from rock across to Padstow but bloody expensive i also port Isaac {Doc Martin} take it your on holiday now so no flying tomorrow

sorry forgot nice video.

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Just like the music the video is cool.

:grinning: :tumbler_glass:

Thanks Wayne :smiley:

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Yes Eugene, three days in Padstow then 3 more in St Ives.
Travelling back on Saturday afternoon so I won’t be at the club field.

Thank You :smiley:

Thanks Barrie, the good lady is a fan of Gregory :+1:

Thanks Chris, appreciated :grinning:

Beautiful location and great video, thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

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