River Great Ouse near Bedford, Summer 2022

This is the first video I took with my new DJI Mini 2 which I think is great. Any hints and tips welcome and look out for more soon.

I hope to explore more of the river soon as I’ve found another spot that gives easy access,


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Thank you, I thought it looked odd when I entered it :slight_smile:

The way you entered it just creates a perfectly OK hyperlink … but the embedded player looks better and gains more interest. :wink:

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Nice video Paul
I am interested to know exactly where that is as I live on the Beds Cambs border near the Great Ouse but I don’t recognise the scenery.
I thought that I knew most of the Great Ouse in this area but obviously not :thinking:

Video looks great @PaulWarren

Hi Rob,

Its between Bromham and Box End, near Bedford

If you search for Box End Park on Google maps you should be able to find it.


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Thanks Paul
Have never been that side of Bedford so I will have to investigate as it looks really nice.
Been to Biddenham a few times but never investigated the river in that area.
Thanks again for the heads-up.