Rivington mini series. Dji Air 2s and mini 3 pro

Some footage from 18 months ago I’ve just got around to doing, well, It’s been in Resolve since around May…just havn’t had the time to ‘get into it’ If you know what I mean. Anyways, I’ve tried capturing some of my fav spots from Rivington from the Pigeon Tower down to the lower res.

The whole aim of the project was to try and better my original vid (still on my channel) done with the Mini 2 and using Filmora X in post, which was also only my second vid. Needless to say I never knew YT vids were normally short, the runtime on it was 17 minutes and I used The Verve for soundtrack’s :rofl:. I do actually know Richard who fronted the Verve but I still got a copyright claim due to the fact that other people are involved so even though he doesn’t mind, I got one.

Here they are anyway, parts one two and three…

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Brilliant stuff

Cheers mate👍. Much appreciated

Really enjoyed watching them, we go to Rivvy a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks :+1:.

It’s great around there isn’t it

I was up there this morning taking shots of Tigers clough waterfall, God knows how I’ve missed that in the past! :rofl:. And last week taking shots of a lot of the sites up there.

Great place, so much to explore and explore and explore again…

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