RMS Mulheim Wreck

Had a good little fly today around Lands End. Ive known about this wreck a while but what with the weather and work I’ve never had time to visit, today was prefect. Hope you enjoy.


That was beautifully shot, lovely job!

Whoop! Gad to see someone’s using our new interactive pano tool! :slight_smile:


LOVE the pano!! And as @OzoneVibe said, great to see someone using it :+1:

Thanks for taking the time to share the video too! Can I ask, where did you park?

Nearest parking is around 5miles away so just chucked my case on my back and walked.

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spot on that mate well done…

Cheers mate

10 mile round trip on foot?!

Fair play to ya mate :+1:

Must be a badge for that ???

Huh? I often walk 25+ miles in a day … even at my age!

I was going to say 10miles isn’t a lot. I have to stay fit anyway to pass 6 monthly medicals for work.

This is what I call a day’s walk. >30 miles on a hilly coast walk. 9.5 hours.!

Damage to Weymouth

OK Ok scrap the badge 10 miles ya light weight :grinning::yum::hushed: