Roa Island, Cumbria


Hi all, this is the first little vid I’ve ever put out there on Youtube, hopefully first of many. I love Roa and the surrounding area so thought I’d share a bit of it.


Great video there well put together. Keep them coming😀


That’s great first video Kevin, top marks for being your first.
Keep em rolling !


Awe thank you, much appreciated :blush:


Thank you for that, I’m thinking about doing a series which will join together ‘dvd’ style which will show the whole area around a point. The next one might be either Piel Island or the Ulverston canal, keeping to my favourite places.


I’ll go a little further than saying it’s great … because I can also award the Movie Director badge - which is now on your profile! :+1:


Yay! Superb thank you!!! I think I’ll crack on with the next one now!!


Beautiful footage Kevin. Nicely edited too. Well done.


Thank you very much, it’s appreciated a lot. My next one will either be Piel or Ulverston, I’d like to get a collection of areas close together and put them on a dvd sort of thing.