Roadtrip from California to Canada to pickup a dog!

I had to say goodbye to a dear companion and friend in Jan of this year. My dog Sky.

I made this memorial video for her

I then sought out to find a companion for my other dog Zulu. I found an English Shepherd in Canada off a facebook re-homing group and Zulu and I drove to canada to rescue her and bring her to her new world.

It is a sped up roadtrip/dog video which may or may not appeal.
Most of the driving sequences are filmed with a dji pocket osmo. The drone used is a mavic pro Hasselblad, I used adobe premiere rush to edit it all together. The editing process took over 3 weeks of working on it when I had free time.


I’m afraid I didn’t click the first two links - I’m too much of an animal lover, I can’t bear to see or hear anything sad that involves animals but I’m so sorry for your loss, it literally breaks your heart when our fur babies depart from this world :confused:

I loved the closing sequence of the video Bonny, looks like they’re getting on great together!


Cheers @SpininB like Rich I’ll have to watch the first 2 later , too much dust in the air here at work and don’t want any in my eyes :wink:

Great heart warming story in an otherwise shit storm, even more so where you are now.

Stay safe and keep the photos and videos coming, here and your Insta


Sorry for your loss :disappointed_relieved:, at least you had a good ending. Have to share, we just lost our last cat Max today (saddle thrombus - basically blood clot that disables rear end). One day all AOK, next day ( in spite of Vets best efforts)…gone :tired_face::cry:. Still, we have our 3x Labbie’s to keep us company, so life goes on. Life’s so unfair sometimes…take care & stay safe / keep droning everyone :+1:


The love shared help to deal with the loss - as pet owners we know they won’t be with us forever -still hard to say goodbye. Thanks for sharing -sorry for your loss!


In this day and age -it’s much better being a dog than a human!! The pups doing great together -be well


I clicked the links while peeling onions :wink:

It’s very hard losing a pet, (we have two buried in the garden) Lalu & Boothby was inseparable when they was alive.

I utterly commend you on the lengths you went too.

Well done Sir :clap:


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