Rochester Castle - Added to English Heritage in the East of England region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

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Dropped pin
near Unnamed Road, Rochester

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Thanks for all the recent additions to the map @goga999i :+1:

As I have found this site and become a member will be adding more whenever I can.
Also would be nice to be able to add just pictures to sny location without any links to any social web or anything like that as this things might be removed at anytime. Would be nice if map would have a feature of adding pictures of locations even by few members or all members so people can prepare them self for the flight, checking google map for different flight directions and so on. I think you can consider something like that for the future. I understand that site is quite new and a lot of things need to be listened to and adjusted to user needs. As amateur drone user I was looking for something like this site and happy that I found it. So if I will have any suggestions I will let you know.
Also one more thing is it possible to amend posts created as I had added locations via additional messages but would like yo vorrect them in direct link or maybe you can do it as a moderator?
Good luck and I will be in touch.

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Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions, ponging @RaRaRasputin in to this thread too so he can see the feedback too :+1:

The posts are editable for a short time after being created. Don’t worry about adding comments to the original post, please carry on :smiley: