Hi I’m from kings lynn Norfolk,I have had my mav pro for three weeks and still learning.


Hi Rodh
welcome to the mad house
we are all still learning
so much so I have been on my training course for the last 4 days last days 7am till 10pm
last day tomorrow fight test at seven am
wish me luck


Hi sparkman good luck with your test tomorrow hope all goes well,

Good luck on test mate. Let us know how it goes.

Hi Rodh from a fellow Norfolk Lad !, I’m in Norwich, we have several folk on here from the Norwich & Norfolk Area.
I am a fellow Mavic Pro & Air Flyer.
Welcome to the friendliest UK Forum for Drone Flyers !!

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Hi Chris I have been in Norwich to day shopping thought I would take the drone to Eaton park but not shure about the restrictions for Norwich airport any advice?

Hi Rodh, I am over Yarmouth way, had my drone for over a month now, this is a great place for info and banter, welcome.

Yes, Eaton Park is a great area to fly, best place is the big field between the lily pond and the pitch and putt.
Best time is either early morning or later in evening, as it is very busy with footballers.
You do have to be a bit wary of the Air Ambulance that comes across sometimes on its way to the University Hospital.
I was there last night for a hour buzzing about!.
I live literally 2 mins from the Park.
You will get a warning about the NFZ, but I just accept and fly.
I have taken two or three of the Norwich Boys from off here to Eaton Park for a lesson or two on the do’s and don’ts of flying their Mavics.
I have been also to the UEA Lake area, just 1 minute further than Eaton Park.
Again I have not encountered any problems there.
If you are in the Area, give me a message (07850167142) and we’ll meet up for a chat,etc.
I have loads of other spots suitable for flying.
PS I should think that you have a problem from the Military bombing range at Holbeach!!

Hi @Rodh and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Hi that sounds good I will message you when I’m in Norwich again we normally go on sundays I would like to take the Mav pro to Eaton park, no problems with Holbeach but Marham not far from me and also sandringham.

I have found Wells to be a good place ,catch the tide out, and great expanse of sand down in front of the lifeboat station.
If you look at my earlier posts you will see what I mean from my photographs.

Hi again
course complete passed and am putting in my CAA forms in later

as for places to fly @chrisjohnbaker mentions Well which I agree is a stunning place for a fly
but if you like a walk there is Overy Staithe a couple of miles away away is has a lovely harbour and if when you visit the walk to the sand dunes is worth it and a good flight opportunity

later this month or beginning of next I will be taking my farther to visit his sister he is originally from burnham Thorpe/market so as a kid (50 years ago eek) I used to visit these sites several times a year and must say they are so picturesque

regards Jeff

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Congrats! :bowing_man:

Thanks @OzoneVibe
5 days of 15 hours 7am till 10pm am droned out now…
but for me well worth it

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Nice one on passing the course,I was working the other day in burnham overy staith and I wish I had my mavic with me im going to go back one evening weather permitting.

Congrats Jeff!

You get to join a rather exclusive club of PfCO members here at GADC:

Nice one mate :+1:

Thanks PingSpike
I will wear it with Honour