Rookie pilot - Warrington

Hi guys. New member and owner of a Phantom 3 std. Had a few Ebay bargains :flushed: before but loving the Phantom.


Hi and welcome Gary, where abouts are you pal?

Welcome to the club Gary, :handshake:

Welcome to the forum Gary :+1:t3:

Hi Gary and welcome to GADC.

Hi. Am in Warrington…

Nice one “Wire” - you have some fine areas on your doorstep. :+1:

Welcome to the group :clap:

Hi @GaryB from just up the road in Wigan :+1:t2:

Hi Gary B. I am also new to GADC and very close to you. (Wigan). Looking to fly with like minded people when this lockdown lifts!

Another Wiganer - hi @Mark183 :wave:t2:

Thanks for the welcome guys. Makes a change from the FB groups lol…

Hi Rich, good to meet! :+1:t2:

Hi @GaryB, I’m in Sale, I’ve flown my drone down your way a few times.

I’m Warrington too. Enjoy getting out to Lymm, The Dream St Helens and planning some ship canal shots very soon.

Let me know if you can fly over Latchford Locks - my daughter lives close by and I fancy a flight on that part of the Ship Canal. As I’m in Wales I’m stuck for getting there.

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I’m no expert but see no reason why you can’t. Stay away from people, away from the roads either side. Don’t distract people on the bridge and you will be fine.

I’ve taken off from the locks themselves but further up the path towards Woolston Eyes is also a good place.

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Latchford Locks can’t be flown within the restrictions of the ANO/Drone Code, so worth being aware of that.