Royal liver building liverpool


Absolutely stunning. 1st one outstanding.:clap:t2:

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very much appreciated. thank you so much.

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I prefer the second, and darker one. Very nicely done

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thank you so much. really appreciated.

very kind. thank you.

Really great pictures, looks like Gotham haha.
what drone did you shoot on?

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very nice.

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appreciated kevin. thanks so much

thank you so much allan

Lovely pics. Wish there was a beautiful building like that near me

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very much appreciated ben. thank you.

sorry kevin missed the other part of your comment, this was take with the mavic 3 classic

Nice one @phil142, does it have long exposure on the camera, looks like it, really good shots them tho​:+1::+1:

the longest exposure this drone is capable of is 8 seconds. the first photo is 1 second iso 800 the second one is half second iso 400

Very impressive pics, I hope to see more!

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very much appreciated mel. thank you

Here was mine on Mini 3 pro recently at ISO 1100 when river of light was on