Royal Navy twin jet work boat launch

Launched this craft today at work and I was able to put the drone up for a spot of filming.
Interesting to see from above the jet drives working and how these boats can manoeuvre in tight spaces.


Its a hard life for some people! Nice way to life your life :+1:

That’s bloody maneuverable. Where can I get one.:grin:

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Behaving more like a hovercraft at times!
I’m used to the single jet drives, and that’s a lot like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, but not had the chance to try the twin drives and expect it to be a right head scratcher. LOL

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Wow! that’s some vessel. (the drone footage aint too bad either LOL)

Very nice but I think I will keep an eye on this one in case I win the lottery!

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I spoke to the ‘driver’ of this boat and praised him on his skills seen in the video. He had to admit to me that actually it’s controlled by computer via a mouse pad and mouse. Wherever the mouse is placed, around the diagram of the boat printed on the mat, that’s where the boat goes!!!
Far too modern for old people like me to master (although I will have a go at it some time).