RTF Competition February 12th to 25th - Subject announced


The Randomizer™ has been churning away for the last fortnight but its comforting rumble has almost been drowned out by the frenetic activity here in the Chall Com bunker. Copy-boys and print imps have been scurrying along the drab concrete corridors on their missions to this department or that, the illustrators’ break room has become a glass cube entirely filled with smoke and, wonder of wonders, even a couple of high heid yins have been seen on the floor of the Competitions’ Chamber, deep in conversation while surrounded by their coterie of toadies and lickspittles.

Strange challenges have been promoted but, through all the drama and excitement the Randomizer™ grumbled on, finally producing the three subjects selected from your suggestions and presented here for you to make the final choice for the next round of RTF.

As usual, vote for your choice by 22:00 on Saturday 11th of February - the subjects, Golf, Outdoor Swimming Pools and Light are displayed, ready for your vote, below:

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The thread for the competition - Lights - is here