RTF Competition - January 1st to 14th, 2023 - Vote for the Subject


It’s going to be the first day of the New (and far better?) Year when the topic you select becomes the subject of the initial RTF of 2023.

The Randomizer™ has thrown up three suggestions from the pool of competitor-supplied ideas, suggestions that might be easy enough in the dull first two weeks of January . Vote for the one you think will produce the best images for wintry days!

The poll closes at 22:00 on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2022.

Oooooo tricky tricky :thinking:

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not bad choices , let’s see how it goes?

Fwiw a lot of the heritage railways shut after Christmas until march time. They might do training and test runs but if you want the reliability of a timetable worth checking your local (or not so local) haunts are actually open before voting for that one.

Next mainline steam service is Jan 21st, not even a movement planned until then. Anyone in the NW, Ribble Valley steamers miniature railway in Clitheroe had to postpone a Christmas event until New Years Day.

There is far more to heritage railways than just engines in motion …

There are especially within a 5 mile radius of home :joy:

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But not many in Scotland. I also don’t do sunrises if at all possible. So guess what I’m voting for? :rofl:

Still water, it’s everywhere unless we lived in a dessert :camel::joy:

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