RTF Competition June 19th to July 2nd - Roads - Winners Announced

Shame I couldn’t use my mini 2 would have msde an interesting Road entry. :hot_face: :rofl: Main street in Pompeii


Is that Frankie Howard in the distance?

Green lane’s between Barton le clay and Barton Hills, taken this evening on mini 2 at dusk. Lane is part gravel and tarmac


Showing ya age there. Impossible to get a picture without someone appearing at the last second. Dead inconsiderate I’d say! :rofl:


I’ve spent a few days obsessed with tilt shift videos so thought I’d try my hand at one for this.

So here is a little clip of a little Ayr Esplanade

  • Location: Ayr Esplanade
  • Time/Date: 23/06/2022@19:20
  • Aircraft used: Mini 3 Pro

I was a little surprised to find Ayr beach wasn’t on Dronescene, so have added it in:


Sorry to interrupt while you are all busy searching out stunning roads to photograph but could you please spare a moment to vote for the subject of the competition to follow this one - linky thing

Following a motorbike along Scotforth Rd, Lancaster, near Jubilee Tower

Filmed 19/6/22, GoPro Hero 9 mounted on a 6S iFlight Nazgul


A50 (Kingsway) - Farrel St. roundabout and Mersey bridge in Warrington, Cheshire.
22/06/22 17:55
Mavic Air 2


Building site in Fleckney, Leicestershire off of Leicester Road where I live. Taken about 3 in the afternoon 23/06/2022 with the Mini 2. This was literally taken about half an hour after the tarmac had been laid, I was hoping to get a shot as it was being done but I just missed it. I took off and landed in the local park.


Taken with DJI Mini SE, a40 just outside Burford, 27/6/22 19:00

I was hoping to get red fields of poppies but from anything higher than 2 metres they just looked like my overgrown garden, so got a red motorbike Instead


They will put the potholes in tomorrow :rofl:

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My 2p worth:

A50 towards Uttoxeter with a fairly interesting sky. Taken a few nights back with my Mini 2.


This is my entry into the June/July 2022 Grey Arrows challenge competition for the subject matter of “Roads”.

Location: Gildersome, Leeds
Time & Date - 25/06/2022 / 13:38
Equipment: DJI Mavic Air 2, ND16 filter

The footage is of the Gildersome interchange and surrounding road network, I chose this area due to the complexity of the road infrastructure and the number of routes that both start/end in the same place. Towards the end of the video you can see the vastness of Leeds City Centre in the background and how the skyline is changing.


This was captured on the 25/06/2022 13:38 using a DJI Mavic Air 2 with an ND16 filter, Quickshot Circle capture. This mode defaults to 4k 29.97fps. The footage has been edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, frame rate adjusted to 24 fps and then remapped to fit a 30 second window. Colour graded using Lumetri “SL Gold Rush HDR” with fine adjustments made to sharpen and vibrance.


thanks @milkmanchris

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Can I clarify the rules (probably me not understanding them…)
Can I enter several times with pictures of different roads? / different sections of the same road? Or is it just one entry in the category “roads”


Much as Jez helpfully says :arrow_up: :slight_smile:

We get bored by a series of very similar images so, if you are photographing one bit of road, please submit the best image or, if you do plaster the thread with a load of similar pictures, tell us which one you want judged.

Images of different sections of the same road like the M6 at Keele and then at the Thirwall viaduct are fine, enter both. Or the A3 at Hindhead and the A31 at Stoney Cross - two totally different scenes, two accaptable entries.


@Challenges_Committee Can you submit a video that is cut edited ie all taken on same flight but not contiguous? I stopped the video to take pictures and then carried on but thought after it would make an interesting 30 second jobby for roads comp.

The rules do not forbid your edit. The judges are your fellow GADC members. They will vote on whtherthe idea isvalid when it comes time to vote for the best entries. There is a potentil problem with including different scenes, albeit of the same subject - the poor challcom work experience lad who makes the five second gif from your video may well choose the less intersting part …

Caveat emptor.

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