RTF Competition - Landscapes without buildings - Winners announced!

Nice one Chris, looks very inviting! Makes me want to get in the car and head north instead of going back to work after I’ve finished my lunch :smirk:

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Thanks Rich. I would definitely recommend a visit. The autumn colours are just starting so I,'ll be heading back myself.

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Trying something new for me. 5 photo HDR with MM taken this evening in Haresfield, Gloucestershire processed in Affinity photo.


Well jealous of some of these pictures. Both times the weather looked good enough the massive grey clouds have not give way here. What looked like a good weather forecast for this evening has now turned into rain! :rage:

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RTF Competition
Landscape without buildings
Buck Beck Bench Cleethorpes
My favorite spot to fly from
(Hopefully this won,t be classed as building)
DJI Mini 2
Taken 1626 11th October 2021
Drone Scene Entry Done


Here’s a quick reminder - this competition closes in 24 hours or so (Saturday 23:45).

The next competition starts 16 minutes later at 00:01 on Sunday

If you haven’t voted yet for the subject for the next two weeks you can do it here - NOW!


Nearly forgot about this comp! :blush:

Loch Faskally from a jaunt around the Pitlochry area today.

Mavic 2 Pro - 15/10/2021 - 10.00am - Added to DroneScene


Can we have a different competition for those annoying people who live in nice areas please? :laughing::rofl:

You can.

Group members supplied the suggestions and can continue to do so here

Three subjects are chosen at random here

The first choice from the three is voted on here

So - if you suggest Ship Canals, Lowry landscapes, Urban Renewal, Industrial Estates and the like we are sure those subjects will, in time, get picked :slight_smile:

Another cracking shot, John. Love the autumn colours :+1:


Taken in Winchelsea this evening around 17:45 using MA2


Looks like long range heaven! (@Steviegeek )
Steviegeek the long range king!

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This is one direction

And this is the other direction

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This is a very nice capture Steve.
Can you explain this please?

That is a floating Asda depot. Those buggers get everywhere :man_shrugging: lol

Or this. Looks like a building to me

Corrugated feeding pens ?

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This is what I sleep in when I’ve passed the Mrs off :grimacing:

I wake up on the couch a lot too :grin:

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It’s clearly an aircraft hanger, duh.