RTF Competition November 14th to 27th- Vote for the Subject

Time to vote for one of these three to be the subject as we enjoy the short days and dark nights on the run up to December. Which will you choose?

The poll closes on Saturday 13th at 22:00
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Hmmmm…moving vehicles small print …on a single track road , umpteen axles, pink colour , escorted by a dumper truck , under a multi arched viaduct …causing flashbacks for any members ?

Alan, rest assured you are not paranoid.

We really are out to get you! :slight_smile:

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What worries me is that you’ve the best part of a year to devise even more fiendish offerings for GADC 5th Birthday Challenge. :thinking:

We thought we had done well to set difficult subjects for this year. The object was to make the Challenge just that, with difficult but not impossible tasks. We were nearly proved wrong and thought for a while we might see several perfect scores. It’s a fine balance between difficult and disheartening, challenging or complete bastard.

Rest assured, whatever comes your way next year fir the 5th Challenge there will probably be five of them to picture for a bonus in each subject :slight_smile:

And the subject you have chosen is MOVING VEHICLES - enter here