RTF Competition November 28th to December 12th- Vote for the Subject

The mighty Randomizer has been rumbling away in the bowels of the Chall Com blockhouse since early this morning, Finally three subject suggestions have ben spat out and they are:

Victorian Engineering
and Farm Machinery in Motion

Vote for your choice now!

Closing Saturday 27th November at 22:00

Before I vote on this. Is it a good time of the year for farm machinery? Assume not much harvesting is going on? Maybe just ploughing?

This isn’t a dig at the bo selecta randomiser type thing. Genuine question from someone who knows sod all about farming!

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There is always something to do on a farm even if it’s driving the Bentley to the farm shop

And, being serious, there is always something to do on a farm, from daily yard scraping on a dairy farm to crop planting/harvesting according to variety and season, telehandlers moving bales or being used for construction - even Landies or quadbikes taking feed to the livestock.