RTF Competition - Sunday 23/10 to Saturday 5/11 - Subject announced!


Maybe this round will go with a bigger bang - it finishes on November the 5th after all :slight_smile:

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; first we have to choose a subject from the three selected by the Mighty Randomizer ™.

The three from which you can choose are:

The poll is open until 22:00 on 22nd of October - vote wisely!

And, as a special treat, here is a sneak peak into the polling process with a technician (on the left) monitoring the input dials while the Chief Adjucator (right) examines one of the three Votalyzer ™ outputs, each of which indicates the percentage of votes the subject has accrued.


And, as you can see, the new subject is Construction and you can enter the competition here