RTH I didnt know this

Imagine you are all good, just happily flying your drone…

You hit the Return to home button…

And you think:

  -      “Alright, that’s it for today let’s relax a bit while my drone lands’’

And the drone, instead of landing where it should, it gets closer to the water and tries to land there.

Luckily you were paying attention and fastly hit the pause button…


What just happened?

Well, each time you use the Return to the home button you might get a very different result to what you were expecting…

For example, you can cause the drone to go into landing exactly where it is!

If your drone is within 20 meters of home point and you press RTH it will not fly back to the home point but it will land where it is…

Even over water!!

And this applies to the Phantom 3, 4 and 4 Pro

Luckily for the Mavic DJI got a bit smarter and limited this to 5 meters.

So watch out when invoking RTH - you might be within the 20/5 meter trigger and go into landing where you are and this could be a COSTLY mistake!




I guess this is what happened on your heart attack post?

I use RTH all the time and worryingly, I don’t pay much attention to what it’s doing either. Like you say, you’ve captured what you need for the session, I hit RTH then usually wander off back to my kit bag and start gathering stuff while my bird is making her way home…

Hmmmm, I might need to stop doing that :thinking:

I think you are correct thinking about it, I am deffo going to pay more attention…

Makes mental note

Wow, that is scary. There’s a lot of chat about the Mavic bottom sensors (oo-err, missus) get confused by water. My heart goes out to you. Having had a Phantom 2 go rogue, the feeling of helpless impending doom is awful.

But a confession: I have never ever used the RTH feature. I must be a bit OCD, cos I just prefer to fly it back manually.

I don’t use it either, prefer to fly it back

wow. good to know