Rules for Taking your Drone on a Plane


Hello all
After a fun week of drones and airports, thought I’d post a quick video on the rules for legally taking your drone into airports and onboard a plane as people gear up to travel.
All quite simple really!

Ian in London


Great advice Ian as always, keep up the great videos on YouTube.


Ian: Im pretty new to the drone thing and I found your YT vids very helpful. Some of the US guys are on it as well: however its nice to have the UK perspective on things.

Im no YT fan boy: however I just wanted to say keep up the good work;)


I bet you are :wink:


Keep um coming Ian


Great job as always @ianinlondon - thanks for sharing mate :+1:t2:


Another reason to be a member of grey arrows - that is something I had not even considered all these little tips helps the learning curve


Being new to drones I found @ianinlondon YT videos very helpful

Another :+1: from me.


Thanks to all! Always good to know the efforts are appreciated! :+1:

Hope you all had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year!