RunCam Thumb Pro Stabilisation Tips - Second Test | FPV Fixed Wing

For the second test, I recorded in 4K with all automatic settings.
Next time I’ll set the shutter speed to 1/60 to improve motion blur. ND filter 16.

I have made several (dozen!) Attempts to figure out how to get a good video from this camera. The gyro isn’t consistent, so you can’t rely on just a few sync points. Doing this by hand is not scalable, especially on long videos. The way to do this is to increase the number of sync points to the highest value the software can handle. There is no hardcoded number, but I have found mine crashing with 180. Seems to be fine with 140, I will try small increases with the next videos.

Gyroflow set with Low Pass Filter to 50Hz, 140 Max Sync Points (8 minutes video), Velocity dampened Stabilisation, Rolling Shutter to 18.69, Lens correction strength to 72%.

I’m doing these tests on a plane because the magnitude of shaking is way higher than the quads due to the wind having a worse impact on the larger surfaces.


Interesting… at points the video is great and then goes a bit wobbly. Stabilising any fixed wing flight can be difficult.

What plane are you using?

It’s a T1 Ranger. I was curios to see what I was able to achieve with “1 click” stabilisation, and I think it’s a good starting point. I can then spend a few minutes fixing all the specific issues.