Russians use Lasers to shoot down drones

Russia has claimed to be using laser weapons in Ukraine - one of which burned up a Ukrainian drone within five seconds, at a distance of 5km (three miles).

Apparently the National Trust are interested :joy:

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They also claim to be winning the war… oops, the “special military operation”.

Unless the lasers are on top of sharks heads, they are just doing it all wrong.

Lasers are very capable of slicing up anything especially at any distance, obviously at great distances to effectiveness is reduced opposed to being a nearby range. Yellow and blues have the ability to burn

Yep very much has vibes of this. Austin Powers - Sharks with lasers - YouTube

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When I am flying my non-GPS drones, they are never in the same place long enough to be hit by anything!

Given the source it is not unreasonable to expect a high level of hype.

This “specail military operation” becomes even stranger each day…