S.E.Cornwall sunrise & fog

Think I timed it just right this morning as the fog was gone shortly after this flight.

Maker Church over looking the River Tamar with Devon on the other side.
Air2s with PL filter.


Awesome. Reminds me of the film ‘The Fog’ :joy:

@Straze great video and as you say perfect timing the view above the fog is fantastic well done

Brilliant, very well done. I’ve got to grips with flying my air 2s and have started to concentrate on what the camera can do now. I would be well impressed if I took the one you showed :+1:

Thanks all.
The Air 2s is a cracking drone and so easy to fly.
It does all and more of what I want from a drone, although the Mavic 3 is looking a possibility for some time in the future. LOL