Salisbury Cathedral and local area

Hi All,

I am coming to Salisbury next Wednesday and notice that there is a big flight restriction over Salisbury. I need to capture some general local area views including the Cathedral for a project I am working on.

I can see some areas to the south of the Railway line that look good for TOLP but does anyone have any other suggestions for TOLPs in the area that will allow me to get some good footage of the local area around the cathedral?

Ignore the red pin, that was for an area that I just won’t get to…

I’ll be flying a Mavic 3 Pro Cine

Many thanks

Salisbury Cathedral is 700 metres outside the FRZ.

P.S. Drone Scene provides so much more data and functionality than Drone Arsist, plus it’s owned by Grey Arrows. I would 100% recommend that you switch to ensure you are using the latest data in the best possible way.

Thanks for your response, I know that the cathedral is outside the FRZ.

I’m quite happy planning my ops with the software I use, and quite happy planning for the mission myself but I was just asking any locals if they knew of any good TOLPS for the best views, that’s all.

I’m not sure how many Salisbury locals frequent this forum , but @clinkadink has recommended a TOAL location in his link he has provided above. :+1:

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Sorry, I use a Mini 3 Pro for built up areas, so my TOAL would be different than yours, since you have a Mavic 3 Pro.

Well I have a Mini 3 Pro, I could throw that one in the air too

Back in June 2021 I flew my Mini 2 from the ground in front of the Cathedral, it was late evening 8:00pm or a bit later, the what3words location is ///crowned.tummy.sadly. There was hardly anyone around at that time, this is the pano shot I took.

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Very nice Pano, looking at this and looking at the map, I’m getting a good idea as to where I might go.

Many thanks