Saltash Bridge from afar

Saltash Bridge but from over 2 miles away. The photo quality isn’t great but it was my very first set of photos with an objective so I am not too disappointed. I am getting a lot of screen freezes on the Mini 3 Pro controller at the moment so I just stood in a field and went straight up to get these pics. I’ll be glad when this freezing is fixed.

Anyway, I’ll get closer pics of the bridge when I have a bit more experience.


That’s certainly an interesting viewpoint, with the bridges backed by Dartmoor in the right distance.

There’s a lot of videos on YouTube about the range of the RC on the Mini 3.

The drone was just 10ft from its TO point but at 120m height with that shot… the bridge was over 2 miles away. I went straight up… and straight down :slight_smile:

Which way had you got the transmitter pointing, you need to have the antenna pointing to the drone

Well… I didn’t on that flight! The drone was above me and I just had the transmitter nearly horizonal in my hands and I had no issue at all on that one.

If it’s the standard controller, the antenna are in the top of the phone holder so you should have it vertical. I think the Pro controller has the antenna in the top of the transmitter, so that should be pointing the same way.

Good shot though.

Memories in the corner of my mind :ok_hand:
Love it, thanks for sharing