Sandbanks Ferry, Dorset with the Mini 3 Pro

And here are a few shots from our last day on holiday of the Sandbanks Ferry, Dorset.
Taken at dusk, so a little noisy possibly, but overall impressive performance in low-light from the little M3P.
All shots processed from RAW files in Photoshop.


Great photos, did you use manual settings or any filters?

Thanks very much @markas
I didn’t use any filters. Mix of manual and auto settings and then processed the RAW files in Photoshop.

I really should learn how to do some post editing, it certainly makes a noticeable difference. :+1:

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Even just hitting the “auto” button on a raw image can make the world of difference @markas :slight_smile:


I was there yesterday morning :slight_smile:

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I’ve got affinity on my Mac but haven’t a clue how to use it. Need to learn because these look great.

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It’s a wonderful part of the world :slight_smile:

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Thanks @markas
These aren’t heavily edited, just processed to bring out the best bits. TBH, the JPEGs straight out of the drone look pretty decent without any tweaks. RAW just helps you get more out of the photo.

This is a JPEG straight off the SD card, no editing at all (I always shoot RAW + JPEG to see the comparison)


Brilliant photos, love the way you’ve pulled up the highlights.

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@Stomper Thanks very much :slight_smile: