Sandmarc ND filters

Thanks to Amazon ads popping up all over the place whenever anyone searches/purchases the exact same thing on Amazon (what’s the point of that? ), I happen to know that I’m in line for a set of Sandmarc ND filters for Christmas for my mavic pro. I’ve not heard of these ones, I’ve heard of is Polar. Anyone know how they are? (I guess, the main question is…do they fall off?! ) I’ll need to know whether to request a gift receipt…!

Be careful Tom that they do pass the gimbal calibration test, as they state!.
I bought my first set and although they claims to pass the calibration, and could be left on, they didn’t!.
All the buggering about in the world would not work!.
sent them back and bought a set of Sunnylife, had no problems with them at all.
Just make sure you do fit them correctly , and push them on far enough, before you power up!.

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Thanks Chris, those are cheap! How come the price varies so much…?

Not sure Tom, it looks like some are sent from China (the cheaper end) and some are held by Amazon (in the UK)
I always order through my “Prime” account, and nearly always pick ones that are Next Day, as those are sure to be despatched from the UK.
Some of the cheeky Chinese are freighting in masses of stuff, holding it in a container here in the UK at Ports, and simply posting it out from there.
I had one a few months ago, supplier was in Shenzen, but, was posted in Glasgow !, arrived 2 days later!.
No way could that have got from China to here in 2 days, short of “Superman” delivery !.
Do some trawling round on Amazon, as several of these are on there under different makes, but are all “Sunnylife”.
I personally cannot tell you the difference (from my own experience) in the quality.
I can only say, they do the job for me !.
Not saying that they are “Polar Pro” quality, but, you pay for what you get I suppose !.
I do think that “Polar Pro” are the bollocks, but, bloody expensive !.

Tom, I apologies, I have just been back on my Amazon orders and I have got it wrong !.
The ones I got for my Mavic Pro were these
TACO-RC Snap on ND filters set 6-pack (UV/ND4/8/16/32/64) for DJI Mavic

The Sunnylife ones were ones I got for my Mavic Air !
Once again apologies for sending you up the wrong track.
I believe SKYTREAT do much the same sort.

Just found this bargain, and POLAR PRO at that !!