Saturday 12th Feb meet up (location ideas}

Hi all was abit rainy today at matlock and not many people could make it. looking better next week on saturday anyone got an idea of a location?

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And some of us didn’t fancy cleaning up our filthy quads afterwards. #FairWeatherFlyer :rofl:

Looking forward to seeing your videos though. :+1:

Didnt get any footage today just dvr i dont like using it

I would have flown a bit, then my eyes watered until I couldn’t see at which point I’d sneeze and crash my quad…

I wouldn’t mind chasing some scramblers or drift cars. There used to be some bikes at bennerly, but not all the time. If anyone knows anywhere else…


i really want to chase drift cars my mate gonna take me to a drift event when i get the time off he used to drift for like 8 years and knows most tracks in our area

People still on for tomorrow. And where do you all want to go ?

Weather is looking pretty crap all weekend. Plus now I’ve been put on duty looking after my daughter… so I can’t.

They make there mind up with the wetaher said it was gonna be nice yesterday

I’ll probably spend time with the misses. Earn some fly day vouchers