Saturdays Sunset Cranbrook

There was a short break in the weather Saturday evening so took a chance and managed to get a few shots


More cracking shots @SirGunner. You were lucky to get out given Saturday’s awful weather. Nice one!

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Sky, clouds, trees… three of my favourite subjects.
Nice ones.

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Thanks Chris. Yes I was lucky to get an hours break in the weather to get out. The forecast was constant rain pretty much all weekend so when I saw the chance I had to jump at it :grin:

Thanks Eneko its pretty much all I have around here so most of my shots are Sky, Clouds and Trees :rofl: I’m hoping to get down to the coast soon and maybe get some Cliffs or Piers to mix it up a bit lol

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Great pics Steve, love the light on the foreground tree in photo 2. :+1:t2: :grinning:

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Cheers John I was kind of rushing as I kept expecting it to start raining again lol but there was some great light breaking through the clouds that evening

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where in Cranbrook do you fly

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Hi Roger these photos are from some fields along Glassenbury Road just outside Cranbrook. I’ve flown from a few places locally. The Ballfield when its quiet with no people around, some fields across the road from the Ballfield from a public footpath and also the Rugby fields when there has been no one around.

thank you I’ll come down and have a look round. thank for replying. Many thanks. Roger

No problem. Where abouts are you located Roger? I try to find random fields with public footpaths and very few people. I’ve also flown from fields in Goudhurst too. If there’s one thing we have lots of around here its fields :rofl:

hi I am in Tonbridge just looking for different places to fiy

Ah ok have you tried Haysden Country Park? I went up there recently to get photos of the 6 Arches Railway Bridge and flew around the bridge and Haysden lake. Was a lovely area. Just to be clear though I don’t know if you need special permissions. I just went up there at Sunset and flew around for around an hour. Only saw a couple of dog walkers while I was there. Heres a link to some of the photos I took.

ih haysden ia no fly I was up there and was told to leave thay waited for me to pack up

Ah ok. I was not aware of that. Which area were you in? Haysden or Barden lake? Do they have their own no drone rules? I didn’t see any signs or anything while up there but like I said I was only there for around 1 hour at sunset.

The other place I’m going to look into but haven’t got around to yet is Bewl Water Reservoir.

I was up the boating Lake phoned the council to asked if I could fly there was told no

There’s your mistake right there


That sucks. I’ve only been up there right at the end of the day and there has been no one there except a few dog walkers. There was definitely no signs saying no drones when I was up there. What about the park behind McDonald’s? There is quite a bit of open space around there? Or maybe some of the areas along the River Medway?

hi not the park too many people I shall keep going over the boating Lake

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