Saving £375 on a new Mavic 3

I purchased my Mavic 3 back in Dec & saved a wopping £375 from the purchase price using the new customer code via
Well I received an email from them last week offering another 20% off next purchase, out of curiosity I entered the code in a few min ago & it again offered to let me purchase the Mavic 3 with £375 off the RRP, crazy don’t know how they can afford it.
Just also worked out, that would give £855 off the Mavic Cine Fly More kit, inc Rc Pro

Do you have to agree to a credit contract to get the new customer discount? I know it can be paid off straight away but they prefer people paying on the never-never.

When I purchased mine I just paid it all off in one go at the checkout.

Been a big advocate of Very on here for many years .

They’ll keep throwing the 10 and 20 percent vouchers at you if you don’t use them for a while.

Just keep logging in and browsing , add some bits to the basket and then log out :roll_eyes:

Loads of reviews on shit customer service but I’ve only had one issue (WiFi mesh system broke) and they replaced no problem what so ever

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Will try this. I fancy a mavic 3 myself

Think it needs a credit check though?

They certainly do a credit check and they phoned me to check i was aware what I was signing up to.