Saying Hi from Coventry/Leicester border...MA "pilot"


Tx OzoneVibe and PingSpike, I’ll try those.

I like the view that says down sensors on if it’s not just pure water

We are going to Gran Canaria tomoz and I was going to take the MA: however I’ve looked on the thinternet and it doesn’t look very “inviting”…there’s only one place on West coast to fly and there seem to be a few horror stories unf🙁


Another UAV Forcast user here, the free version is pretty good


All: just downloaded UAV forecast - I like the fact that it TELLS you if its a good idea to fly or not;)


Just make sure you have all the settings right for your drone on UAV
When I first got it I would check and it would say unsafe to fly
Now I know that it’s best to set minimum satalittes to fly and the wind speed

Good luck and the most important thing Enjoy!


Will do to


What would recommend a max wind speed for flying a MA?


I think manual says 25 mph c 12m/s IIRC


Hi @Cheeze
The DJI spec says 29-38 kph which is 10.5 kph or 23 mph
So I would set UAV to any of the three above
Any higher speeds at you own risk especially if your having issues with your signal
Sorry for the delay have had pet issues