Scaley spark pics

I am getting nasty scaley videos on my spark really annoying I am sure it takes better pics than that pretty new to it any ideas

Can you post a frame grab?

This is one frame I think it might be camera on auto

Is that from your phone/tablet or from the SD Card?

It’s on my phone I have a controller and a cable from the controller to my iPhone

The pics is on the go for app

Not thought about a dodgy sd card

If they were recorded initially to the SD card in the Spark I’d guess that the card in the Spark isn’t able to write fast enough.

If they were recoded to your phone by Go4, then it could be the signal strength was a bit marginal.

I put my iPhone on airplane mode and use the controller is that right

Looks like signal breakup to me.
But check the same photo on the SD card, if that’s ok, then def signal.

There was electric pilons really close any ideas to better the signal

Electricity pylons won’t be the cause … plenty of videos of drones flying between their cables without breakup.

what distance were you away?

Not far at all about 50 mtrs really annoying I did get the lost signal warning a few times

Have you checked the same picture on the SD card, to compare them?

No shall I download the sd card

definitely, that may reveal the answer.

Always the first place to check.

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I will check now and let you know thanks alot for your time guys

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my bet is that the same photo on the SD card will be ok, if that’s the case, then it will definitely be signal drop.
The drone records the picture, then what you see is not what you always get recorded on the card!.